"such a great time.."

.."the guns and instructors were fantastic , lovely place to stay and great hosts ,5 stars!"

Modern Shooting Experiences offer the opportunity to fire authentic firearms from WWII and modern conflicts that many  gun/military enthusiasts and re-enactors would never normally be able to experience.

We have authentic, original WWII firearms for you to enjoy, all of which full bore originals.. no straight pull, .22’s or replicas here..!

It is our mission to ensure that a safe, informative and highly enjoyable experience is achieved by all our clients. ‘We must state that Modern Shooting Experiences is solely based upon themed experiences and is not a firearms training course, although clients will receive ‘Skill at Arms’ safe weapons handing and basic  coaching in regards to use and sighting’.                       

To ensure this is achieved we are privileged to announce we have secured the services of Europe’s leading firearms training company Euro Tactical  Ltd. Euro Tactical Ltd’s reputation is built upon years of experience and training – delivering to an ever-changing market. Their instructors come from varying backgrounds including elite UK armed forces and UK Police.

Authentic Full-Bore Firearms

With such high standards of coaching (and a 100% safety record), their clients receive an exceptional level of coaching and we seek to replicate their record of excellence by providing Ultimate Shooting Experiences customers with a unique, exciting and enlightening experience.

Back to 44’ is our pride of place shooting experience and the themed range, set in the Brittany countryside just an hour away from the Normandy landings in Northern France, is designed to attract military historians, enthusiasts, re-enactors or anyone who wants an authentic insight – and experience of firing the very same weapons as used in 1944.
We have invested in original firearms, all at full bore – no replicas or .22s.. you will experience the same feel and recoil as those who used them so many years ago.

Re-enactors will enjoy an environment where they can dress and shoot wearing their own uniforms or borrow our replica Denison smocks.

You will be shooting era-alligned enemy targets at distances ranging from 10m (pistol) to 100m total range length, of which 25m is indoor, opening to the external area. We utilise sound effects and pyrotechnics to bring that scenario feel to the experience.

Our weapons are 100% safety tested by the highly skilled armourer supplied by Euro Tactical and the list of iconic weapons is mouth watering..

For more information about Ultimate Shooting Experiences and the services we provide,
please telephone  07810512977 or email us at enquiries@use.expert